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Study Regulations


Regulations for Studying at IBBA

Passed the IBBA and IPMT committee meeting in the 2023 spring semester.

The committee meeting has approved the modification in the 2023 summer.

The committee meeting has approved the modification in the 2023 autumn.

1. Minimum Required Credits for Graduation

The minimum required credits for graduation from this program is 128 credits. English-language courses in the major field must account for at least 80%. Details on required and elective courses can be found on the program's website.

2. Semester Course Requirements

Students must enroll in at least 16 credits per semester from the first to the third year, and 9 credits in the fourth semester. The maximum number of credits per semester is 25 creditsWe generally do not accept course overloads. Special cases require committee approval.

3. Notes on Course Exemption

  1. Please see the Center of English Education’s website regarding the exemption of required English courses.
  2. Please see the Chinese language center’s website regarding the exemption of required Mandarin courses.
  3. Regarding professional and main courses in this program:

(3-1) Each course should take courses taught in English that meet our program course requirements and are offered by CTM (including Econ, QF, IPMT, TM, LST, ISS, and IMBA). If there are particular circumstances, in which students need to take other courses, they must apply for course exemption, and the program's director will decide whether to approve the request.

(3-2) Every semester, students can submit the application and reference materials to the IBBA office or apply through the website after receiving and confirming the course grade at the end of the semester. Once the application is approved, the IBBA office will send you an email with its copy and the course exemption process will be completed.

4. Criteria for Early Graduation

The criteria for students in this program to apply for one semester of early graduation are a total GPA of 4.0 or above and a ranking within the top 5 percent of their class in terms of academic performance.