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About Us

The IBBA from the College of Technology Management (CTM) is a four-year bachelor's degree designed for international students and overseas Chinese students to develop knowledge in business venturing and corporate managerial practices. The courses will equip students with analytical thinking and knowledge for managing technology-based businesses.

Students will be exposed to core courses in the field of business and management, as well as courses for advanced expertise. As NTHU is located nearby many global tech giants (e.g. TSMC, Mediatek, UMC, etc.) and high-tech start-ups in Hsinchu Science Park, students have the opportunity to meet and interact with industrial experts and funders interested in high-tech business. Students of NTHU benefit from an industrial network, connecting what they learn in the classroom with authentic corporate world practices. In the job market, graduates with business and management skills as well as corporate experience are highly in demand for industries such as banking, high-tech manufacturing and consultancy.

Graduates can be offered roles in planning, supervising and administrating corporate ventures and public sector projects. The following are just some of the top career options that graduates can find in the job market: 1) R&D Manager 2) Industrial Operations Manager 3) Business Analyst 4) Procurement Manager 5) Finance Manager 6) Human Resource Manager 7) Marketing Manager 8) High-tech (start-up) entrepreneur